GPI staff and affiliates have significant experience as adult education providers, delivering more than 100 courses since 2008.  Areas of expertise include agricultural and animal issues, agroterrorism prevention, homeland security, vulnerability assessments, food safety, and food transportation.


GPI provides complete support services for adult learning, to include:


  • Booking and coordination with training venues
  • Marketing of scheduled courses with local, state, and industry partners
  • Provision of qualified adult education instructors
  • Full travel planning and booking services for our course instructors
  • Course support and administrative tasks (pre-course, onsite, and post-course)


Billing is based on flat, per-course, all-inclusive fees (including all travel costs), negotiated upfront with course providers.  This assures that the total costs for course deliveries are known upfront for planning purposes, and provides an incentive to keep instructor travel costs to a minimum.  Billing is done either monthly or quarterly, after delivery of the contracted courses.