Basic Grant Package

Whether your organization is a new startup not-for-profit or a well-established charity with plans to expand and increase activities, applying for grant funding can sometimes be a smart strategic choice for organizations wishing to grow their operations.


Grant Partners Inc. (GPI) was established in 2009 to assist not-for-profit organizations in seeking and managing grant funding to accomplish their charitable purposes.  We specialize in assisting not-for-profit and government customers who do not have a full-time grants staff, offering our customers full access to local, state, federal and private grant opportunities, at a fraction of the cost of managing this technical work in-house.


Basic Grant Proposal Development Package:  For organizations ready to build an excellent and strategic grant-funding program, we offer a basic package that will lead your organization through a structured process that can lead to a successful and sustainable grant campaign.  GPI staff will work with your organization to complete 6 Basic Steps:


Step 1:  Develop a Compelling Operational Picture of Your Organization
Step 2:  Develop a Clear Financial Plan Matched to Your Organizational Vision
Step 3:  Develop a Custom List of Targeted Foundations and Grant Programs
Step 4:  Develop Master Proposal Documents (Full Proposal and Letter of Intent)
Step 5:  Prioritize Your Target List and Create Carefully Customized Proposals
Step 6:  Build an Organized and Comprehensive Grant Proposal Tracking System


Pricing:  $3,000 for a minimum of 6o hours of professional assistance, resulting in the following deliverables – Master Proposal, Master Letter of Intent, Custom List of Target Foundations, and one (1) Customized Grant Application all tailored specifically to the needs and goals or your organization.


Success will not come with a single, perfect grant proposal.  It will come when you put together an excellent system of regular outreach to well-targeted grantors using clear, concise, and compelling proposal documents.


For additional information or assistance, please contact:  

Art Johnstone, President

Grant Partners Inc.

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